Cathy Urroz

Cathy Urroz, Mexico: Over a month ago, my son, daughter in law and two friends of theirs were subjected to a nightmare of an assault and robbery. After six hours of being kidnapped, they were left in the middle of nowhere in a mountainous area, barefoot, with no sweater or coat. They had to walk another six hours across the range looking for help, which they found in a very humble and poor family who put their lives on the line by helping them, sharing food and shelter, thus saving their lives.

During the hours when I didn´t know their whereabouts, and it was way over the time they should have arrived from their trip, all I could do was pray and surrender to the situation as best I could. I couldn´t laugh proper at this time, but because I had been cultivating the “inner spirit of laughter” and practicing Laughter Yoga frequently my physical and emotional body were in balance, and my mind was kept busy with prayer and my heart was filled with hope and faith that they would be well.

When I was finally able to know that they were safe and heard my son´s voice, I told him how much I loved him. My first response was joyful and mirthful laughter and then all I could do was appreciate, thank and bless the group of criminals that had freed my son and his companions after 12 hours of ordeal.

In the days and weeks afterward, in dealing with the pain, fear, grief and anger over this event, I have had no trouble at all laughing for no reason. I thank Laughter Yoga for cultivating the “inner spirit of laughter” which helps people in buffering the hard times in their lives.