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New Laughter Yoga Research Underway In Japan

On his visit to Japan in November 2009, Dr. Madan Kataria made a presentation at the University of Osaka in the Department of the Social and Environmental Medicine headed by Dr. Tetsuya Ohira. Together they planned a ne..

Laughter Yoga With Kindergarten Kids

Certified Laugher Yoga teacher, Dr. Santosh Sahi recently conducted a Laughter Yoga session for about 100 kindergarten children (aged between 3 - 4) and 233 primary school children (aged between 5 -10). The schools are run by the Mahila Mangal Tr..

Laughter Yoga In South Africa Prison

Jenine, South Africa: I conduct laughter sessions at homes for the aged, schools and other underprivileged children and societies, support groups, hospice - HIV & Cancer sufferers, community projects and more, for no financia..

Going Strong At 95 With Laughter Yoga

If you watch this gentleman in the You Tube link given below you won't believe he is 95! Good news is he is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and we bet he is going live for many more years.

World Laughter Day On CNN

Hello Laughter lovers around the world! Here is good news.

CNN has decided to make a feature on World Laughter Day. They will interview Dr. Kataria on Skype which is most likely to be televised ..

Laughter Clubs Promote Everlasting Friendships

Once again the Laughter Club has proved to be the most effective network of caring, sharing and establishing eternal bonds. In a recent incident, Mr. Mingo, a laughter leader from Taiwan met with an unfortunate car acci..

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