Laughter Yoga With Kindergarten Kids


Certified Laugher Yoga teacher, Dr. Santosh Sahi recently conducted a Laughter Yoga session for about 100 kindergarten children (aged between 3 - 4) and 233 primary school children (aged between 5 -10). The schools are run by the Mahila Mangal Trust, an NGO in South Delhi.

According to Dr. Sahi it was an amazing session with the young children in colourful uniforms and lovely smiles. The session started with clapping, stretching, and the Laughter Yoga mantra ho ho ha ha ha. There was a lot of play, giggling, laughing, singing and dancing. The group energy was very powerful and the toddlers thoroughly enjoyed the rhythmic beats. Among the laughter exercises, Milkshake Laughter and Very good very good yeah was very popular. Seeing the tremendous positive response and cheerfulness in the children, the school incorporated Laughter Yoga in their daily morning assembly session which helps in keeping the children happy and joyful throughout the day.