New Laughter Yoga Research Underway In Japan


On his visit to Japan in November 2009, Dr. Madan Kataria made a presentation at the University of Osaka in the Department of the Social and Environmental Medicine headed by Dr. Tetsuya Ohira. Together they planned a new research program in collaboration with the Laughter Yoga Teachers and Leaders in Osaka.

The research program was commenced in December last year with more than 80 participants. They took three groups: Laughter Yoga, Music Therapy, and Control Group. They measured blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), salivary cortisol, heart rate variablity, and other cardiovascular risk factors including lipid and HbA1c before the intervention, and will measure same variables after the intervention to evaluate 3-months intervention programs.

So far, we have no idea about the results, but we will keep you posted about the on going study. We thank Prof. Ohira and all Laughter professionals from Japan for doing another landmark research in the field of Laughter Yoga.