Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Yoga Becoming Popular In Doha

Gabi Pezo, Doha: A recent article in Gulf News reports the growing popularity of Laughter Yoga in Doha, thanks to Doha resident and certified Laughter Yoga teacher Gabi Pezo, who had seen tumultuous years while growing up in a &l..

Laughter Yoga Changed My perspective

Erdinc, USA: Though life still throws up the same challenges of the good and the bad, the joy and the sorrow; and yes, I do get hurt and disappointed, there is a fundamental difference. It is in the way I now react and counter th..

The Laughter Ambassador From Hong Kong

Dick Yu, Hong Kong: This great honor and encouragement was in appreciation of his years of promoting Laughter Yoga. He has worked relentlessly to set up Laughter Clubs in Hong Kong and oversee their progress. The clubs, now 20 in..

My Laughter Presentation Experience

Caryl Derenfeld, USA: On June 1, 2013, I made a presentation “Laughter – The Rhythm of Happiness” to about 1000 lovely participants at the TOPS convention in Santa Clara, California. It was a 90 minute talk and ..

My Laughter Yoga Testimony

Chandana Anandi, Malaysia: Since my childhood, I was on a spiritual path, my mother showed me how to be affectionate and my father raised me on the inspirational values expressed in the poetry of the philosopher, Khalil Gibran. T..

I found My Laughter With Laughter Yoga

Nan Ho Yoon, South Korea: Four years ago when my husband retired, he started feeling lonely and gradually became more strict and stubborn. There was hardly any laughter in my life. It was at this point both of us felt we needed s..

Laugter Makes Us Take Life Easy

Amit Kharbanda, Spain: At the age of twenty I left my home and started traveling in search of the most essential question – Who Am I ? Learning and practising many different spiritual paths. After many years I became a Kund..

Laughter Helped Me Get Over Years Of Depression

Tullio Altieri, South Africa: I met Dr. Kataria in South Africa in 2007, when he trained me to lead Laughter Clubs and laughter classes on a regular basis. This had a profound effect on my life and I gained awareness of my emotio..

Live Life With Laughter!

Pauline Fung, HongKong: I lived in Hong Kong and earned my living as executive secretary to expatriates who came from UK, USA, Germany and Singapore. I was paid beautifully. But, the economy ran down and our company was restructu..