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Laughter Yoga with Cindy Miles

Cindy Miles, CLYT, USA: Laughter Yoga has opened so many doors for me; I have presented to groups as small as a dozen and as large as 800. I presented Laughter Yoga at an eight-state regional Aging conf..

Laughter Helps Cope With Tragedies

The healing power of laughter is something that laughter coach Allison Marcotte is very familiar with. Having gone through some tough times of her own in recent years, including the heartbreaking deaths of loved ones, s..

Key To Happiness & Good Health: Laughter Yoga

At the New Glasgow library, Shelley Ballantyne regularly conducts a Laughter Yoga session for a group of people and leads them through simple exercises all the while, laughing and smiling which helps to reduce stress and strengthen the immune sys..