Carole Holcomb
2 Day Certified Leader Training
  • Date : July 15, 2023 to July 16, 2023
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2 Day Certified Leader Training

Join Laughing Ginger and Carole Holcomb for 2 days of Laughter and Fun as you become a

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader!

Training is IN-PERSON

The 2-day training includes:

--How to lead Laughter Yoga sessions

--Health benefits

--Breathing and relaxation meditations

--Participating in 50-60 Laughter Yoga exercises

--How to Create your own Laughter Yoga exercises

--Solo Laughter

--Laughter Yoga exercises for specific Communities (medical, seniors, children, etc.)

--How to market Laughter Yoga to the Community you are interested in

And of course, your GRADUATION!

Once you are Certified support is available through a variety of ways: by telephone or email at any time either from either of us or from other CLYL/Ts if we can’t help, additional workshops, Closed California FB page (even for those out of the area) for CLYL/Ts, Facebook Prozone, and Prozone Int. A file on Dropbox is available to you containing research, graphics, logos, etc. Our goal is to help you succeed!