Sukumar Satpathy

Melina, Iran: I am so proud and happy to be the youngest Laughter Yoga coach in the world!!! Just 13, I am glad I could take part in Laughter Yoga classes because it is the best exercise for everyone, as it teaches how to face difficulties with a smile on our face. I had a very good experience from the laughter training classes and learnt many useful laughing techniques which I can use at any time in my life. Laughing has taught me to solve any problems when they happen and laugh at them. Laughter Yoga classes also taught me another thing – that I can laugh deeply, without a reason. In fact, I suggest that everyone should take part in these classes, because then we’ll have a very happy world, without any tears.

I want to thank God who showed me this way and my mother who prepared for me to take it up. Finally, thanks to my coach Mr. Pezeshki and his assistant Mrs. Sameni who kindly taught me in and led me to make my life beautiful and happy with laughter.