Sukumar Satpathy

Jan MacQuarrie, Canada: I have had my abdominal surgery and have three incisions,. I made the most of what I had learned in the laughter movement and had fun doing it! I blew up balloons for two weeks ahead to strengthen my lungs and abdomen- and practiced laughing. For an hour and a half before surgery I laughed in the prep room. with ho, ho’s and very goods ! . I asked for my own music to be played during surgery and asked the surgeon, anaesthetist and two O.R. nurses to laugh along with me while I went ‘under – which they did. I also wrote funny notes on my gown ahead to keep the atmosphere light – like ‘made from scratch – another makeover – another scratch”- and ‘for awhile we are journeying together so one of us must stay awake” ” I like to keep abreast of things – do not remove “!

David said I woke up with a smile on my face !

I was in the hospital for 24 more hours – no pain killers.

Day 2 stayed quiet at home, Day 3 went to buy a new computer – Day 5 rode a horse

Most useful things:

  • To know I was sore not ill – people often mistake the two – made a lot of difference.
  • Breathing deeply before and after.
  • Laughing all through with the ho’s ho’s and very goods – all added different components
  • Stretching exercises two days later increasing stretch gradually each day – by Day 4 I was doing the same as before I had surgery but slower.
  • Laughing even when I move and it is sore !