Life Changing Experiences

Laugter Makes Us Take Life Easy

Amit Kharbanda, Spain: At the age of twenty I left my home and started traveling in search of the most essential question – Who Am I ? Learning and practising many different spiritual paths. After many years I became a Kund..

Laughter Helped Me Get Over Years Of Depression

Tullio Altieri, South Africa: I met Dr. Kataria in South Africa in 2007, when he trained me to lead Laughter Clubs and laughter classes on a regular basis. This had a profound effect on my life and I gained awareness of my emotio..

Live Life With Laughter!

Pauline Fung, HongKong: I lived in Hong Kong and earned my living as executive secretary to expatriates who came from UK, USA, Germany and Singapore. I was paid beautifully. But, the economy ran down and our company was restructu..

Laughter Yoga – How Does It Feel?

Bernadette Mcgree, Laughter Yoga teacher at the Linfield Laughter Club in Ireland says that laughter is good for a number of different reasons. It’s great for connecting people, excellent for helping people de-stress and fe..

My Experience of World Laughter Day in Taiwan

Kitty, Hong Kong: As an international laughing buddy from Hong Kong, I was privileged to join the Taiwan laughing buddies for their WLD celebration on 3rd May 2015, which was held in an amazing environment. There was no media cov..

Laughter Yoga Helps To Regain Joy

Angēla Essick Dykes, MI USA: During a recently held Laugh Fest in Michigan, Laughter Yoga instructor Angēla Essick Dykes conducted a series of laughter sessions which were designed to unleash laughs and inspire a sense of pure, u..

Laughter Yoga Keeps One Healthy & Happy

Anak Agung Gede Sukarena, Jakarta: For years, Anak Agung Gede Sukarena, a middle aged man in Bali, did the rounds of doctors, healers, acupuncturists and alternative therapists trying to understand his ..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Face Life With Dignity

Lauro Lestani, Italy: I am a massage therapist and also teach Hatha Yoga. When I was six years old, my parents owned a bar, but unfortunately they did not get along. I tried to protect my mother from my father’s constant ab..

My Laughter Yoga Journey

Sharondz Ng, Malaysia: I got to know about Laughter Yoga a few years ago at a Yoga Studio where I attended a 2 days laughter workshop. Although I felt awesome during the sessions, I didn’t find out more about it until last ..

My Tryst With Laughter Made Me A Better Person

Robert Rivest, USA: My background is in performing arts. I have been presenting comic mime, health, literacy and stress management educational programs in schools, libraries, and theaters for over 30 years. In 2009, Mary Rives an..

How I discovered Laughter Yoga

Liliana De Leo, Canada: It was June 2006. We were 15 people sitting in a circle, waiting for the class to begin. I was attending a 2-day training program to become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader. I had no idea what to expect or..

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