Life Changing Experiences

More Relaxed More Happy With Laughter Yoga

Reema Hiranandani, Mumbai: I’m a member of the original laughter club at Lokhandwala Complex started by Dr. Kataria in 1995. All these years I have been going to the club, but, it was only a few days ago my husband visited ..

Laughter Yoga Uplifts My Mood

Kylie Willows, Sydney: I first heard about Laughter Yoga at a Yoga Expo in Sydney a couple of years ago. It was the final day of a 3 day conference and I was exhausted from participating in many practical workshops.

I w..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Heal And Find Inner Joy

Melanie Rudolph, USA: My mother took her own life when I was just eight years old. This was very traumatic. I don’t remember laughing much as a child and later made decisions in my teenage years that was not always in my be..

Laughter Yoga Transformed Me

Susie, Australia: I’ve always laughed a lot in the USA, but after moving to Japan, I began to feel I didn’t have enough laughter in my life. Whenever I got together with American friends in Japan, all of us would say ..

Positive Attitude with Laughter Yoga

Ramgopal, India: In the year 1995, Ramgopal moved to Mumbai, where the First Laughter Club was born. For the first couple of years, Ramgopal continued with his early morning walk as his routine activity. This routine gave him fre..

Where had my own laughter gone?

Linda Leclerc, Quebec: I was always described as someone with a sense of humour. Many times in my life, I was able to get people to laugh instead of getting upset or angry. It helped me diffuse difficult situations. Little that I..

Laughter Yoga Saved My Marriage

Shalani McCray, Australia: About a year ago, I heard a very brief story about Laughter Yoga on TV. My work at the time centred on Preventive health education. My years in private practice had led me to believe that about 95% of a..

Laughter Yoga Easy Exercise

G.K. Ramamurthy, India: G.K. Ramamurthy is barely three-weeks old member of the Laughter Club of Bangalore that meets at Lalbagh every morning from 7 am – 7.45 am. The 61-year-old senior, Ramamurthy was too immersed in his ..

Counter Cancer with Laughter Yoga

Carolyn Nicholson, Mildura: In 2004, I had my own healing business of counseling, Reiki reflexology, massage and spiritual healings. During my meditation, I was guided to look for laughter on the internet and found Laughter Yoga...

Laughter Yoga Therapy for Stress Release

Kym Goodman, Australia: I first experienced Laughter Yoga when the Women’s Wellness group I am involved with decided to run a Fun & Laughter Day in Myrtleford, North East Victoria, Australia in 2007. We invited a speake..

Laughing Alone -Sparkie Lovejoy

Sparkie Lovejoy, USA: I have been doing laughter Yoga alone for 1/2 hour everyday since my leader training. I have received many “unrelated” benefits…release from hoarding tendencies (cleared out garage, closet..