Surat Police Benefit from Laughter Yoga


Surat, a city in the State of Gujarat in Western India: The city Police have found a new way to combat crime in the city with the practice of Laughter Yoga. Police observations indicate that the early morning hours from 4 am-6 am have reported most theft incidents in the city, mainly because the police crew is tired by this time. A detailed study recommended Surat Police to start their day with the practice of Laughter Yoga at 8 am, after conducting vehicle check from 5 am. This is followed by a game of cricket, until 10 am. These physical activities have enhanced the efficiency of the Surat Police force.

"It's one of the best teams we have. They are physically and mentally fit and ready to deal with any situation. They are also good cricketers," says Shivanand Jha, city Police Commissioner, who regularly practices with the team.

"The team is available at odd times. The entire concept has proved helpful to send a message across criminals that the police is on its toes round the clock," says RV Rabari, police inspector, PCB.