Laughter Yoga To Help Iranians Regain Their Laugh


Teheran’s City Council turns to Laughter Yoga to restore normalcy in the city following the turmoil resulting from the recent controversial Presidential election.

Quoting a report in a newspaper linked to the City’s Mayor, Mohammed Baqer Qalibaf, The Guardian’s has reported that the Tehran City Council is starting Laughter Clubs for people “who have lost the power of laughter.”

To start with Laughter Clubs have been set up in two cultural centers that have so far served concerts, further education and other literary activities. In the course of time, the Council aims to include Pensioner’s groups, health centers and prison as target groups for more Laughter Clubs.

Iranian Laughter Therapist Majid Pezeshki has formulated the methods based on his practice of Laughter Yoga, that started in India, and has proven physical and psychological health benefits of Laughter.

Pezheski advocates by testimonials how Yogic Laughers have been able to “transform” themselves into “positive” people, “just by learning how to laugh at their problems.”

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