Laughter Yoga Orlando Brings Laughter to the Workplace


Employees of USIS, Orlando, a Florida based company that provides third party administration and managed care services for Workers' Compensation and liability claims got their first taste of Laughter Yoga during a recent laughter session at their Orlando office.

Led by Pat Conklin, Certified Laughter Yoga leader and teacher, the group of 12 nurses and 2 medical assistance personnel from the AmeriSys Medical Management division of USIS, laughed their stress away during the meeting. Pat, the founder and principal positivitist of Laughter Yoga Orlando, ( provided the one-hour laughter session free of charge as part of her Year of Community Service initiative to celebrate the launch of Laughter Yoga Orlando and build awareness throughout Central Florida of the health and wellness benefits of Laughter Yoga.

The hilarity was contagious, reverberating through the four walls of the conference room where the Laughter Yoga session was held. Hearing the uproarious laughter pouring into the adjacent hallways, USIS employees from other areas of the building asked what the fun was all about, and soon found themselves laughing, too!

After the session, Suzanne Masters, supervisor of the group of now-merry medical professionals, remarked, “This was awesome and a great stress relief. Members of Suzanne’s staff added that it was a very good feeling and they loved it. “It felt good, and it will help keep a person young”, said a member. Others acclaimed that they really enjoyed this and it was very good, lifting, positive and cool experience. In fact, even weeks later, Suzanne reports that her staff is still laughing!