Laughter Yoga Is A Great Healer


It has already been proven that Laughter Yoga empowers people with unconditional love, self-worth and inner peace. It is the best healer and helps people cope with their pain and hurt in life.  Inspired by this unique concept of laughing for no reason Sophia Battaglia, very early in her life, learned the power of laughter and incorporated it into her daily regimen.

Working for a real estate company in New York, Sophia starts her day by giving flowers to all the employees and laughing heartily with them.  This created a positive work environment, wherein everybody’s morale was boosted. It kept people happy and energised throughout the day leading to better productivity.  Happy with Sophia’s daily ‘laughter and happiness’ routine, her boss to doubled her salary!

Highly motivated by this experience, Sophia now teaches Laughter Yoga at businesses, homes, schools and convalescent homes. She uses some rhythmic stretching and deep breathing, but mostly it’s visualization, eye contact and laughter games. Her classes have helped children in schools, as well as business people at the top laugh and deal with their stresses with a smile and endless energy. Laughter Yoga even helped Sophia cope with her brother’s death and move ahead with a positive mental attitude.

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Photo Courtesy: Vic Cantu