Laughter Yoga In Altona, Melbourne, Australia


People in Altona, Hamburg, are getting their regular dose of laughter at the Cherry Laughter Club started by Carolyn Nicholson who is a certified laughter teacher and the international brand ambassador of Laughter Yoga.

The club meets at Cherry Lake at 10 am every Saturday. Ms Nicholson said people who go along have fun and feel joy, less stress and pain relief. “It’s based on research that the body doesn’t know the difference between fake laughter or pretend laughter and real laughter,” she said. As soon as you pretend to laugh, or even chant, ‘Ho, ho, ha, ha, ha’, the body thinks it’s real laughter and begins to get the benefits.

According to Ms Nicholson if a person stays for the entire session they feel very good at the end as it really connects them with their inner child. As they start to feel the benefits by the end of the half-hour session, they are highly motivated and inspired and want to come back for more. So, all one needs is to join a Laughter Club to experience an inner happiness and joy and a feeling of complete body-mind wellness.