Laughter Yoga-Ideal Exercise To De-stress Youngsters


This summer, youngsters in Nagpur have decided to indulge in a season of fitness with various stress busting exercises, which includes Laughter Yoga. It has scientifically been proven that Laughter Yoga is a great method to de-stress youngsters suffering from depression and other peer pressures.  It is the ultimate panacea for all their worries.

This unique concept of laughing for no reason has many benefits. It not only helps in altering the mood state and reducing the stress levels; it also is a great exercise routine for losing weight and keeping one looking younger. While techniques like zumba, yoga, and clappo are popular among the youngsters, Laughter Yoga is fast catching up as it helps one to remain energetic throughout the day.

According to a Laughter Club member in Nagpur, 20 out of 30 young people who have joined them are battling depression, hypertension and stress. Between the ages of 19 to 25, these youngsters find Laughter Yoga an easy way to combat stress and depression, than going for counselling sessions. Regular practice of laughter exercises refreshes people. It teaches one to stay happy and positive while coping with life’s challenges

Article courtesy: Times of India