Laughter Yoga Helped Me Avert A Car Accident


Here is an interesting report on how regular practice of Laughter Yoga enables people to keep calm and tackle any crisis with a positive mental attitude, without panicking and reacting adversely.

Matti Anttila, CLYT: Recently, I was going for my holiday shopping and was driving at normal speed, when all of a sudden a car waiting in the left pulled out and came straight at me. I slammed on the brakes, but my car started sliding toward the left side of the car turning in front of me. Thankfully I stopped, missing the car by mere inches.

The incident reaffirmed my belief in the fact that Laughter Yoga created a sense of calm and ease that allowed me to be a touch quicker getting my foot to the brake. What happened next is the real difference. Prior to my Laughter Yoga days, I would have been steaming, angry, raging and perhaps even letting loose some blue language. But after years of regular Laughter Yoga, usually every day, my reaction was different. I laughed out loud and kept laughing for about five minutes. I was grateful there was no accident.

This was a true experience of letting go. I kept laughing until there was no trace of any emotion around the incident. Each time, some emotions arose, I restarted laughing. About five minutes was all it took to clear away all traces of emotional reaction to it. It was almost cathartic and I felt that I had the ability to move on and the accident just faded into the past. I was in the moment and knew that no harm had come to me or to anyone else.

This incident inspires me to keep going and to keep spreading the word of laughter and the several benefits it provides to keep a healthy mind and body.

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