Laughter Yoga For Good Brain Health


According to recent statistics mental wellbeing in Canada is at an all-time low. It shows that one in five Canadians are affected or have family members who are affected by brain health and mental wellness issues. Under the existing circumstances, Laughter Yoga is an ideal method to help people sort their stresses and maintain a healthy body-mind balance.

A program on mental wellness hosted by the Trail and District Chamber of Commerce had about 30 people who also attended a laughter session as they felt it helps create a positive mental state to deal with negative situations and people.

The owner of DandiLion Wellness Centre Danné Mykietyn shared her passion for brain health, which began 20 years ago when her daughter Nika was diagnosed with epilepsy. She realized that many drugs used to control seizure activity were anti-psychotic medications used to treat mental illness, and she began to question whether these drugs were the right option to good health.

Later, she opened a wellness spa and started helping her customers to escape everyday stresses with different therapies, which included Laughter Yoga, as a great alternative for brain health as it has the ability to change the mood state almost instantaneously. It is a single exercise routine that reduces physical, mental and emotional stress all at once. It also teaches people how to cope with life’s challenges with a smile, thereby becoming the perfect tool for complete wellness.

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