Laughter Yoga Boosting Mexico's Joy


The laughter community started growing in Riviera Maya, Mexico during the swine flu emergency. Social gatherings were held to help people laugh and cope with life in the moment of crisis. People opened their hearts to Laughter Yoga sessions during these free public awareness events at IDASH in Cancun, Casa de la Cultura in Puerto Morelos and Ananda – Palapa Suuk in Playa del Carmen. These sessions gave people the ability to jump back to normalcy and laugh even when faced with a difficult situation.

During these rough times, Mexico became a global leader in creating an example on responding in time to an outbreak, which is now worldwide, and providing effective measures to be ready to diminish this disease's effects.

Tourists once again are ready to enjoy the beautiful spots for sightseeing and the warm hospitality of the people of Mexico. In fact, in September this year Jorge Zubieta, laughter yoga teacher and organizer of these events is gearing up to welcome Dr. and Mrs. Kataria for the LY Teachers training. People from the all American continent and oversees will be attending this training and it is going to be a really fun time together by learning and expanding our beings through extended–unconditional–hearty laughter.

TESTIMONIAL 1 - LY Public Awareness Event at IDASH, Cancun, Mexico.

Hi, thanks a million for this beautiful experience. I had such a great time and would love to have a Laughter Yoga training here in Cancun. I am ready for it.


TESTIMONIAL 2 - LY Public Awareness Event at IDASH, Cancun, Mexico.
These are times in which laughter is much needed and we would be delighted to support you in expanding the Laughter Yoga community.


TESTIMONIAL 3 - LY Public Awareness Event at Casa de la Cultura, Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

We are grateful to you for sharing this experience. Certainly it helped us to be more joyful and gave us the desire to start a Laughter Yoga Club here at Casa de la Cultura of Puerto Morelos ! I’m sure it would be fantastic.


TESTIMONIAL 4 - LY Public Awareness Event at Casa de la Cultura, Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Thanks a million and ho ho hahaha (ooops:)jojojajaja Jorge, it is so cool you shared Laughter Yoga here in Puerto Morelos. It was a pleasure to meet you and participate in the session.
I came home yesterday, went online and researched for 2 hours to find everything about Laughter Yoga. One of the things I liked was that Dr. K said he really is a serious person without much sense of humor. That is the way I see myself and I know I want to laugh more. The idea of unconditional laughter (no jokes) is fantastic. I can see so many applications and I love the idea of increasing the amount of laughter in the world.


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