India's First Guinness World Record in Laughter Yoga


Way back in 1995, Dr Madan Kataria gave to us the modern delivery system of Laughter Yoga - I joined a laughter club on 30.11.14. After about 3 months the said club was near to closure - with application of modern management & technology, on 19.04.15 our club was declared to be no. 1 in Indore. On 10.07.15, members of our club attended 'Certified Laughter Yoga Leader' course at Indore. On 17.07.15, I received the certificate of 'Laughter Ambassador' On 28.11.15, Dr Kataria visited Indore and we organized the Guinness event.

On 30.01.17, Guinness declared India to be the p World Record Title holder. On 22.02.17, we received the Guinness certificate. We are now concentrating on creating a 'Laughter Garden' at Indore. I am indebted to human society which at my age of 74 years has equipped me with knowledge of modern management & technology to keep myself healthy and happy & also to share my knowledge & experience with people around me in real as well as virtual world.