Unfolding Your Unlimited Potential Through Spirituality

Feb. 16, 2016, 1:11 p.m. 16412
Unfolding Your Unlimited Potential Through Spirituality-img

All of us have access to unlimited intelligence. Call it God, higher intelligence, cosmic intelligence, quantum or unified field. Every human being has the ability and potential to connect to the higher mind which is the ultimate creative force and works like a miracle.

Science tells us that we use only 10% of our potential; the rest 90% of our creative energy lies dormant. Spiritual practices like meditation, breathing exercises and even the unique exercise routine Laughter Yoga can help us activate our right brain which is the seat of creativity and unlimited potential.

Let us first understand the difference between the lower and higher mind:

Lower Mind

Lower brain is the limited intelligence which relates to reasoning, thinking, rationalizing, learning skills and analyzing. But, it cannot go beyond a certain limit. It is like the hard disk of a computer which has limited memory and capacity. It can hold store and process information only up to a certain point.

Higher Mind

When the lower mind is connected to the higher the mind or higher intelligence, the potential becomes unlimited. It creates, innovates and works in a mysterious way that cannot be explained logically; one can only experience it. If the lower mind is the hard disk; then the higher mind is the World Wide Web (www) which has an access to unlimited knowledge and information. No amount of hard disks can contain as much information as the World Wide Web. Therefore, in order to be creative and innovative we need to invoke higher powers in us through spiritual practices.

How to find your password

Like you need a password for the computer; you need different tools to log on to higher intelligence. People use spirituality, meditation, yoga etc. to connect the lower mind to the higher mind.

Importance Of The Human Mind

It is important to understand the human mind, the intellect and the intelligence of our body as they are instruments which help us navigate to the higher mind. We also need to understand the connection between the body and mind. If the mind works in a negative way, it can become the biggest obstacle and will deny access to the higher mind or intelligence. For instance the lower mind creates lower tendencies and keeps us trapped in fear, greed, attachments and desires. When we don't get what we want, we will react; get angry, upset and frustrated. Therefore, one must study the human ego and intellect as it can help us to experience spirituality.

Study Of Higher Mind

This universe has unlimited intelligence with which we can work and perform to a maximum with least effort Therefore, in order to have an access to unlimited potential and higher intelligence we need to prepare and cleanse our body and mind.

Cleaning the mind

We need to cultivate the right and virtuous thoughts based on right knowledge. To clean the mind we need to observe our mind and study the quality of thoughts and our intentions. As everything in life starts with a thought; what we become in our life is all based on quality of thoughts we have. Look at this equation:

Watch your intentions as it will become your thoughts
Watch your thoughts as they will become your words
Watch your words as they will become your actions
Watch your actions as they will become your habits
Watch your habits as they will become your character
Watch your character as it will become your destiny

From the above equation it seems that the root cause of all good and bad quality of life is of thoughts and intentions. Therefore, it is important to understand and observe the quality of thoughts we get. We need to have the right knowledge base about all the universal laws which govern our life. This understanding will help us create virtuous thoughts.

Body Mind Link Intelligence

Though it is difficult to work on the mind, it can be easily influenced by the body because there is a two way link between body and mind; whatever happens to the body, the mind gets it too.

For example sadness in the mind brings a particular body behavior and body posture. A happy and positive thought brings positive body behavior and positive feelings. In the same way negative body experiences will generate negative thoughts and emotions in the mind.

Working On The Body And Mind Simultaneously

The ideal and best way is to work simultaneously on body and mind. If we discipline our body, it can be prepared in a way that it does not react to negative thoughts. Even if negative thoughts arise in the mind, it will not be able to generate physiological changes as it is not in a reactive mode. Physical Laughter Yoga exercises, breathing and the inner spirit of laughter help us to work both on body and mind. But, it is always better to begin with the body first because it is easier and slowly whatever happens to your body will be reflected in the mind.