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Jane Janan Inner Joy zoom Club

In the name of Pure God , JANE JANAN, I intended to start my zoom again with the attendance of all of you my beloved universal family who is the symbol of unconditional pure love to me .I am so grateful for your effective presence in my life and also in the zoom and on this planet 

You are all beautiful and amazing and I love you all .hope we can meet more people next week Saturday at 9 p.m. Iran time on

Jane Janan Inner Joy zoom Club


Let's first feel our pain, accept it , cry over it and then with the energy of love and laughter , we can turn them to gain .

And dance , laugh , spread this pure unconditional feeling of love and our inner joy and peace to the universe by our unconditional laughter 

Then with love attitude we can 

Turn our challenges to chocolate 


So let it start, my friend, let it start,

Let the tears come rolling from your heart,

And when you need a light in the lonely nights,

Carry me like a fire in your heart,

Carry me like a fire in your heart

We live and die, we laugh and we cry,

And you must take away the pain,

Before you can begin to live again,

( Chris de burg)


We are Sending our love , light , inner peace and joy to the world and all those who are missing theirs moms or their beloved ones


With love ❤️