Nicole Pontelandolfo
Nicole Pontelandolfo
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Cup of Happy: Laughter Cafe with Nicole

Fill yourself with laughter, joy and peace with a Cup of Happy!

Laughter is a reminder of the joy and positivi-tea that can be found in life.

This bubbly group is absolutely free and gathers via Zoom. A quick 15 minute virtual jolt to jovial with simple moves, breathing & play blended with laughter yoga exercises because it boosts our mood and because we can! 

The cup is already half-full. Let's sprinkle some extra love, laughter, and playfulness in there until it's overflowing with goodness. Then watch out world, 'cause here comes a wave of happiness and good vibes! Now when things get shaky, we can spill out a smile, resilience, gratitude, & patience.

Sound good? Good! 'Cause these are some benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Let's all raise a cup of chuckles and spread some unconditional love and laughter.