Who should not do Laughter Yoga

Who should not do Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is like any other aerobic exercise and all the conditions apply as that of any other aerobic activity like swimming, jogging, running etc. Should you experience any pain, discomfort and breathlessness, you must discontinue Laughter Yoga and take medical advice.

People with following conditions must take medical opinion before doing Laughter Yoga exercises:

Hernia: Hernia is very common in elderly people and in those who have chronic cough and prostate enlargement. If you notice any swelling in the groin area while laughing or experience any pain, you must consult your doctor before doing laughter exercises regularly. Hernia normally needs surgical correction.

Incontinence in women: This is most common in women. If there is involuntary passing of urine while laughing or coughing you must consult your doctor. This may be due to sagging of the uterus or weak ligaments.

Bleeding hemorrhoids: Those suffering from bleeding from any part of the body must be very careful while doing laughter exercises.

Heart problem with chest pain: If you experience any chest pain while doing any exercise you must consult your doctor.

Pregnancy: Women with history of miscarriage and those in the last two months of pregnancy must take precaution and see the doctor before doing Laughter Yoga.

Major surgeries: One must wait for at least three months after any surgery before resuming any strenuous exercises.

Epilepsy: Those with a history of epileptic seizures must be careful as change in any emotional state can trigger an epileptic attack. Take expert opinion.

Cold & flu: In case of severe attack of cold & flu, wait for some time as the virus might spread to other members.