Rosaria Cirillo
1 Day Basic Learning Couse
  • Date : Oct. 9, 2023 to Oct. 16, 2023
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1 Day Basic Learning Couse

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This course expands the materials from Dr. Kataria, with Trainer additional knowledge and learnings from the following courses:

1️⃣ #YogaTeacherTraining 200 hs
2️⃣ #PositiveIntelligence Coaching Program ~22 hs
3️⃣ #LaughterYoga Training (inner spirit, leader, teacher, 2.0)~100 hs
4️⃣ #Heartmath #Coherence #Resilience Advantage (Basic and Facilitator): ~20+ hs
5️⃣ #Happiness Studies Academy ~52 hs course, plus countless hs of weekly webinars, exercises & extra materials
6️⃣ #NonViolentCommunication (basic, intermediate, advanced) ~100 hours


Did you know that we can influence our physical well-being with laughter, breathing, and heart coherence?

Improve your resilience to everyday challenges with practical knowledge to reduce stress and increase well-being.

This interactive, inspiring, and fun training program has been developed by Rosaria Cirillo with her learning from the Science of Happiness (by Happiness Studies Academy), Laughter Yoga (by Laughter Yoga Academy), HeartMath Resilience Advantage and Heart Coherence studies, Non-Violent Communication (by Marshall Rosenberg), Positive Intelligence Coaching Program (by Shirzad Chamine), and Yoga (by Himalayan Yoga Academy)

You will understand and experience how our hardware elements (Mind, Energy, Body, Heart and Soul) influence our happiness and productivity, and you will:

  • ✔  Assess: This program starts & ends with assessments “How do you feel?” & “Sunflower of Happiness” at the start and end of the program; and during each session, we measure the “Laughter Quotient” and the “Resilience Quotient”.
  • ✔  Learn about:
  •  Learn about:
    • 1. BODY & physiology of Stress: understand good and bad stress, “fight or flight” response versus “rest and digest” state. Meet the special practice and discipline of Laughter Yoga, its benefits on physical and mental health. Stress cocktail and Joy cocktail DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphin).
    • 2. MIND (Thoughts): body-mind 2-ways connection; helpful thinking (reactive, proactive and focus); Positive Intelligence: sage perspective versus saboteurs; Practice PQ reps
    • 3. HEARTH (Emotions) & science of happiness: Uncover the 5 Aspects and the 9 factors that affect happiness. Depleting versus enriching emotions and practice our RAIN method. Importance of Heart variability and practice heart coherence.
    • 4. ENERGY (Breathing). Role and importance of oxygen. Qi and Chakras. How to use breathing and pranayama to either activate your energy or to reduce your stress.
    • 5. SOUL (Silence): understand how Yoga and Meditation combine all the above elements and allow you to move from Doing to Being; role of Contraction and expansion; practice active and still meditation.
  • ✔  Do & experience:
    • laughter, breathing and meditation exercises: in each session will have small practices of laughter (as active meditation), breathing (as static meditation), and other 3 elements of Joy: Dance, Sing, Play. And experience how Laughter Yoga can help you pursue “health, play, and smile” in daily life.
    • One complete session of Yoga, Laughter Yoga and Meditation
  • ✔  Share: Share your experience and thoughts with participants.
  • ✔  Reflect: Recap of tools learned, and Q & A.
  • ✔  Commit: Review what we learned and how we feel; define your commitment to action. Identify your Laughter Accountability Buddy.


Your body, mind, heart and energy, and how they impact your wellbeing


  • Create resilience to prevent burnout with knowledge and practices that lead to increased energy and motivation, with this complete “learn, share, connect, grow & shine” program based on the Science of Happiness and Laughter Yoga.
  • Learn what causes bad stress and what contributes to happiness (physiologically, mentally & chemically).
  • Get equipped with skills to reduce stress and improve resiliency to everyday challenges.
  • Learn simple habits that lead to increased energy, improved well-being, and more joy at work and in life.