Sukumar Satpathy

Maurine Pachter, South Africa: I heard about Laughter Yoga in a Yoga Class. My yoga instructor got me involved and, on my very first session I felt I could conquer the world! Ever since, I do not take life seriously. I have become more compassionate, and am surprised to see how it has changed my thinking, and my interaction with people. Laughter is pure happiness, where one can laugh and actually receive aid emotionally.

It has been said laughter is “the best medicine”. And yes, it has proven to be true. When you are a child you do not think about the benefits, you just laugh. But, as you get older you realize how important it is to laugh. It is then you become aware of the enormous benefits of laughter and how it can change your perspective towards life and make you more positive and joyful. My mother who is 97 says – laughter is very important in our daily lives. Today, she laughs for 5 or 10 minutes daily which has kept her going strong and feeling young! I have also learned how one can laugh alone and still reap the benefits of laughter.

As a stage performer, I never dreamed Laughter Yoga would change my life. I have had leads in musicals, I am a story teller and with all that I do it has enhanced my life enormously. For an artist like me, it has given me more confidence and also enhanced my self esteem.

My next venture will be to start a unique Laughter Performing Arts Center which will be multicultural, and will incorporate the arts with laughter and will benefit people of all ages. Laughter Yoga is the greatest of inventions. It is in fact better than all medication you take.