Sukumar Satpathy

Lyn-Dee, USA: Prior to Laughter Yoga, our days were awesome but there were times that things got in the way of our thoughts being positive and motivational. Although we are always about the solutions, we too have our challenges and would sometimes allow them ruin our day. But, ever since we took up Laughter Yoga, nothing gets in our way. We laugh at the challenges, we laugh during the solution process and we engage with others to understand how to proceed with their challenges. Inspired and motivated, we are now liking Laughter Yoga nationwide and internationally to spread more laughter and joy into the lives of the people.

We also have and will be speaking to many schools from pre-school to colleges about bulling, domestic violence and how they can use Laughter Yoga to heal themselves and deal with stress, anger and pain. We are trying to reach out to the health care industry and helping the staff and patients to smile more and overcome all challenges.