Laughter Yoga Helps Connect With Our Inner-Child

Sukumar Satpathy

Michelle Major, Ireland: Ireland’s Michelle A. Major is a leading expert in laughter and creative play therapy & happiness habits. She is passionate about sharing and spreading joy, laughter and happiness throughout Ireland and emphasizes that Laughter Yoga can have remarkable power and really can be the best medicine for illness and stress management. In fact, laughing for just 15 minutes is the equivalent of 2-hours sleep!

Read how Laughter Yoga helped her overcome her problems and brought a change in her life:

Our world needs more joy and laughter. Yet, somehow, when we become adults, we often lose the sense of playfulness we once enjoyed as children. All too often, this is replaced with a sense of seriousness caused by the daily stresses of life.

How can we cultivate the same playfulness we once enjoyed as children? It’s a question I asked myself a number of years ago when I was going through some challenging times. I wanted to feel “normal” again, never mind laugh again. So, when a friend suggested I go to a Laughter Workshop, I was intrigued, though slightly apprehensive. I wanted to feel better again, so I opened my mind to the possibility and gave this laughter malarkey a chance.

For the next hour, I laughed unconditionally for absolutely no reason. My problems didn’t disappear, but suddenly my mind seemed to forget about them. My inner chatterbox became quiet. I was present. I was in the moment. I felt amazing! When we laugh, we release happy hormones called endorphins, which make us feel really good, promote confidence, and act as a natural painkiller.

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