Sukumar Satpathy

Preeti Pai Mayekar: Last year in December, I was diagnosed with an auto immune condition called Multiple Sclerosis. This is a disease of the central nervous system wherein the immune system attacks their own organs in many different forms. In my case, the immune system attacked the myeline sheath in the nerves, which causes different neurological symptoms. Mine were dizziness and balance issue and I was not able to walk properly.

The causes and triggers of this disorder are not known. It happens at a very young age and mostly in girls. Till I was not diagnosed, I was unaware of this condition. In fact, even my doctors thought that I was imagining the symptoms. But after an MRI scan and a lumbar puncture, I got the right diagnosis and was put on medicines.  I am on interferon medication but apart from that, I did a total lifestyle change like diet and exercise and soon I started feeling better.

But there was an issue that whenever I got stressed or felt any emotion, I used to feel dizzy and lose my balance. It was then I came across laughter yoga and as I started doing the laughter exercises, I found that my nerves were feeling good and the dizzy spells had vanished. It felt as if my brain was getting fully oxygenated and my whole body, cells and nerves were bathed in laughter and happiness!

I just completed my MRI and my result is amazing. There are no new lesions and no attacks from the immune system and my neurologist is also very happy with the result. But I know the secret. Apart from lifestyle changes, laughter is the best medicine that I am taking so my immune system is always happy and healthy.

I have become a laughter leader now and am planning to introduce it to all my friends who have auto immune disorder. I hope they too will benefit, the way I did. As laughter increases the natural killer cells which helps the immune system health, it is an ideal way to fight this condition.

I’m grateful to Dr Madan Kataria and Madhuri Kataria, Vinayak Shastri and all the laughter yoga team for helping people heal and be happy!