Sukumar Satpathy

Sheena Tan, Malaysia: As a little girl I could not participate in sports and games in school as I suffered from breathing difficulties and had to use the inhaler often. Even when I was doing housework, I’d get asthma attacks because of the dust and after walking up and down the stairs. Fortunately, I started on Laughter Yoga two years back when my sister recommended it to as an exercise routine that would benefit one’s emotional and physical health. About three months later, I began to notice a marked difference in my health – I was able to walk up and down the stairs carrying a basket of laundry without feeling out of breath. I began by watching videos online of how people around the world use laughter as an exercise and I usually allocate half an hour in a day for it by complementing body movements with laughter.

Laughing releases ‘feel-good’ hormones into the bloodstream, which makes the person feel lighter and happier as well as promotes better well-being, which is why laughing is able to improve health.