Sukumar Satpathy

Allison Marcotte, USA: Having gone through some tough times in recent years, including the heartbreaking deaths of loved ones, I can very well say that, if I hadn’t had the laughter, I’d probably be at a mental health ward. I was a very serious person and I would laugh only when all the work was done. So, in effect, I didn’t laugh a lot. It was only when I discovered Laughter Yoga about four or five years ago that my personality transformed.

It changed my life for the better. Mentally, laughing elevates the mood and improves brain functioning and communication skills. It also facilitates a good rapport with others and replaces negative emotions with positive ones.

It’s alright if it all sounds a bit childish and silly at first. It’s going to feel weird because for so long of our life we’re told to smarten up, grow up and act your age, and now Laughter Yoga tells us to be silly, goofy and chill out. It takes a while to say, ‘OK, this is OK,’ because it’s out of our comfort zone, but soon it all turns real and one can feel the enormous benefits of laughter to both mind and body.