Judith Croner-small (Jude)

Judith Corner Small, NZ: I first discovered Laughter Yoga at a time in my life when I was searching for connection and meaning in life. Little did I know what a turning point I was coming to. Sometimes things need to break open and fall apart in order to rebuild and make positive changes.

In my quest to find more peace and wellness in myself and in the world, I discovered Laughter Yoga in the latter part of 2010. When first trying Laughter Yoga I was struck by three things: 1. the playfulness of laughter yoga and the joy of being really present in the here and now, 2. the genuine heart connection that happened so easily between people and 3. the enduring uplifted feeling of wellness that lasted for days and days after regular laughter sessions.

Indeed I had found what I was looking for. The things in my life that needed to break open did. The things I had ignored, became stronger for me to face. But this time I had a grounding, a basis and a back up to know I could get through anything. For Laughter Yoga helped me to connect to the fullness of life in mind, body and spirit. It has helped me to realise I am on a journey, but one through which I am supported. It has given me motivation, a cause, one of Health, Happiness & World Peace, starting in each one of us and rippling out. It has provided me with a sense of oneness through laughter with our fellow human beings, despite all the separation and division in the world.

I am on a continual journey as we all are in life. Mine is to know, to do and to be laughter. It is also to express what is in my heart and to be authentic. Life does present challenges and changes which are often trying and testing. With the emotional intelligence behind Laughter Yoga and the many continued development opportunities both from life and through Laughter Yoga, I have learnt resilience and strength. I have improved my physical health, my mental and emotional health and my habits. The spiritual dimension to life that I sought is now part of my life like oxygen is to my breathing. I have learnt to speak and express my true self and to join with other like minded people for the upliftment of all people through Health, Happiness and Peace.