Sara Kay

Sara Kay, UK: There are no jokes in my story – in January 2016, I was prescribed antidepressants after going through a divorce. They initially helped, but my brain couldn’t easily retain information, and I quickly realized I needed a well-being tool. I stumbled on Laughter Yoga and went to the Laughter Yoga Club in Manchester in September 2016. It was a light bulb moment, and I loved it. I felt alive, kicking and vibrant. My stress levels dropped instantly. The feeling of relief being able to play like a child and forget all my worries was simply magical. I felt so happy I could sing in the streets. I felt truly alive and fantastic, and I realized I needed more frequent Laughter. I also realized that I hadn’t belly-laughed like that for 20 years!

The only way to discover how to take intentional Laughter properly into my life was to go on the Laughter Yoga Leader Training Course to London with Lotte Mikkelsen. I later went on to train as a Teacher with Lotte too. I’ve been running laughter workshops, training and clubs since 2017.

My purpose is Laughter Yoga. To use it for me and to spread how fantastic it is to other people.

Having laughed every day for nearly four years now, I have felt such amazing physiological and psychological benefits – I am more confident, have more self-esteem and comfortable in my skin. I love making a difference in people’s lives. With my health, my depression is resolved – I now know I can laugh if I don’t feel happy. I have gone through 2 frozen shoulders – each time using Laughter Yoga for pain relief – they healed in half the time of usual cases. I have mild asthma, and Laughter helps clean out my lungs, socially I can easily talk to strangers with more confidence. I have a zest for life. I am living in the moment without worrying about the future.

I have made such wonderful connections and friendships through the Laughter Yoga community, each one adding and nourishing my life which I am so grateful.

I knew that if I get anxiety or am feeling low that I can laugh intentionally to change my mind to happy and joyful again is important to me. I have gone through many challenges over the last four years. Resilience is key to coping with life’s ups and downs, and I’m feeling much more able to manage and not over-react to situations happening which are out of my control, and if I make a wrong decision myself, I laugh it off.

What I also love about Laughter Yoga is how it helps my brain to be creative and work better with the extra oxygen supply to it. I am always more productive and think of new ideas and things to do after laughing.

I feel honored to be called a Laughter Ambassador. Thank you, Dr Kataria for implementing Laughter Yoga into the well-being sector. It is magical and life-changing.