Alex Bannes
Alex Bannes
Certified Teacher

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I learned about Laughter Yoga for the first time in 2001. The experience relieved me because I found that I do not have to wait till the inner joy comes by itself: I can create it by myself through Laughter Yoga! I finally became Laughter Yoga Leader in 2008. In 2010 I established the first laughter club in the North West of Hamburg. This äóìLachtreff Hamburg Eidelstedtäó meets once a week and offers Laughter Yoga experience and practice for the peple in and around Eidelstsedt. The second of my clubs started in January 2015 in Altona, which is in the West of Hamburg. Both clubs riside in public culture centres and are well frequented..

After my teacher training with Dr Kataria in 2011, I startedt training Laughter Yoga Leaders and doing business trainings and different kind of public workshops on Laughter Yoga.

As a trainer, speaker and coach I have been supporting people for quite a number of years in developing their personality and potential. I do this by workshops, courses and semianrs for groups / teams and coachings for individuals. I use Laughter Yoga and body movemment methods like Body2Brain as strong and powerful tools to support the process of helping individuals to live ther ressurces, to develop their potential and live a happy and productive life. For this I use a widy range of interventions and tools I haver studied throughout the last 35 years methods like NLP, Hypnosis, Mental Training, Voice Dialogue, Body2Brain, and varous others. To me the methods themselves do not matter, it is more how and when a apply them.

I experience Laughter Yoga as a wonderful method to support the evolution and delevopment of personalities of individuals.. We accompanied thousands of people bringing more laughter into theirs lives. We always here, and experience ourselves, that verything is easier with joy. Even seemingly difficult problems or  changing the perception of them.which in many cases makes huge difference.

I strongly believe: Every one of us is a wonderful, unique being with a phantastic potential waiting to be discovered, remembered and lived. Laughter is one of the most powerful supporters to bring joy, happines and the awareness of a person´s potential and ressources into the live and helps to acitivate all that.