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Joanne Morton
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I love laughing!   When I discovered Laughter Yoga, I was so excited to find scientific proof that Laughter is the best medicine!  It was during the pandemic that I chose to become a certified Laughter Yoga teacher. Since then I have been using laughter as one of my main tools to manifest a good day every day.   

The truth is that stress will always be a part of life. We may, however, decide how we will respond to it, LAUGHTER along with GRATITUDE and CREATIVITY are healthy ways to cope with ups and downs in a positive and enjoyable way.  I create positive energy art and experiences to help people go from feeling stressed and frustrated to feeling relaxed and motivated! 

I offer Laughter Yoga as a stand alone class and I also include Laughter Yoga in my interactive positive energy art experiences.   Laughter is a powerful way to activate positive energy into your life. Laughter takes the edge off stress which helps you find a balance within yourself.  There are so many scientific studies that show the benefits of laughter.  

Laughing by yourself is good however, when you laugh with others, it's even better.  You are sharing positive energy.   Sharing positive energy is so important right now.   With the challenges from the pandemic, cultural diversity, climate change, personal finances and other local and global issues affecting all of us, adding laughter to your toolbox helps you move through any challenges. 

Gratitude is another way to share positive energy too!   I start and end my Laughter Yoga with gratitude.   Gratitude changes everything. To find ways to be grateful during challeges will change your life.  Gratitude is Magic!   

Being creative is our natural way of communicating.  Whether you use words, images, sound, or taste, we all have an inner artist inside of us.  I am a Positive Energy Artist.   Positive energy art shines a light on what works for the highest good for all.  Everyone needs creative reminders to keep a positive mindset and an open heart.  When we have a positive mindset and open heart, we are at peace.  When more of us know peace, perhaps peace is possible for the world.  I am a big believer in unlimited possibilities. I used the spiritual laws of attraction and vibration to create visionary art to manifest personal and collective intentions.  

If any of this sounds interesting and you are curious to learn more, please check out my website and find me on social media. 

I am currently looking for collaborators and partners who are interested in helping create the "world's largest community engagement art project." The intention is to travel in 2024 to each region of the United States. 

I am based in Savannah, GA and I am available to travel.   I offer in person and online events. 

My work is based in three words that came to me while walking my dog in the East Village, NYC - Magic Passion Love.  Since then, Magic Passion Love has been my guiding light as I journey in life.  Magic Passion Love©((MPL) is a renewable, sutainable energy source found within all of us. When you allow your magic, feel your passion and live your life, life feels good.  When you share MPL, WOW!