Ahad Alharbi
Ahad Alharbi
Certified Teacher

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  • Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (2018)

Accredited By Laughter Yoga International University

  • Certified Social And Psychological Adviser (2017)

Accredited By The British Academy For Human Resources Development

  • Ambassador Of The International Academy Of Self Development

International Academy Of Self Development 2017

  • Certified Coaching Practitioner (2016)

Accredited By British Performance Solutions

  • Certified Training Of The Trainers Diploma (2015)

Accredited By Canadian Orbit for Professional Education

  • Bachelor Degree In Sociology And Social Services 

King Faisal University

2014 Second Class Honours

  • Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program

International Academy For Health Sciences




  • Conducted Laughter yoga workshops
  • Trained More than 200 trainers in Laughter Yoga
  • Conducted free laughter yoga sessions in Saudi Arabia
  • Conducted many Laughter Yoga sessions and leader  courses in the Arabian Gulf