Spread Laughter to Bring More Happiness


Monika Roth, Laughter Ambassador, Germany: Laughter Yoga really helped to change my perspective towards life and people. It has motivated me to spread the word of laughter and bring more happiness and joy into the lives of people.

I trained as a laughter leader in 2010 and three years later, started my first Laughter Club in Abtsteinach, near Heidelberg, where we meet once a week to laugh together. Laughter Yoga has given me the self-confidence and courage to stand in front of people and conduct these sessions. I am surer and find myself laughing more than ever. In fact, when my husband comes home in the evening, I greet him with laughter because he is stressed out after work. This lightens him up and he playfully calls me his “laughterbag”, and then we laugh together.

Laughter Yoga also helped me to get over the loss of my pet dog. All the laughter yogis from my club really came through for me and their compassion and love helped me to laugh again. And this was very, very good for me. The emotion of sadness was transformed into gratitude and happiness.

I have learnt to love and live laughter and have the best job in the world – that of a laughter trainer! hahah… I conduct sessions for people like tourists groups, doctors, educators, physiotherapeuticals, sporting groups and employee teams of senior centers. It gives me great satisfaction to see them laugh away their tensions and worries and find a new way of coping with challenges of life.