Seniors In Canada Crack Up With Laughter Yoga!


Residents of a senior care center in Charlottetown, Canada regularly take part in a weekly Laughter Yoga class, which helps them both mentally and physically. For the last couple of months, this new activity allows them to get together and laugh for no reason.

Laughter instructor Anne-Marie Rolfe believes that Laughter Yoga is a beautiful mix of breathing and playful exercises that stimulate laughter. She gets participants to smile about things that may be hard to laugh at. “It's just got such a benefit for people: their breathing improves, their stress level reduces and it makes everyone feeling good both mentally and physically," says Rolfe.

All of the moves are modified so the seniors can do them sitting down or in a wheelchair. The residents not just laugh during the session; they continue to laugh and feel joyful throughout the day. The sessions are so motivating and inspiring that most participants do not want to miss a single class. They feel it is a positive thing and keeps them healthier and happier.