New LY Study Underway In Australian University


Having shown enormous health benefits for almost 17 years, and being proved as a great therapeutic tool, Laughter Yoga with its unique features continues to draw the attention of scientists, psychologists and research scholars in related fields. They systematically deliberate on its various aspects to verify that laughter, as practiced in Laughter Yoga is indeed beneficial for overall wellbeing and good health.

Read the following report on the study undertaken by the Deakin University School Of psychology in Melbourne:

Laughter Yoga Australia, and Deakin University School of Psychology, is currently undertaking a study to report on the impact of Laughter Yoga on two Melbourne organizations, along with ten Melbourne based Laughter Clubs. The report will research the improvements in the staff’s emotional health, and then the impact this will have on the business as a result of laughing for half an hour every day

The overall purpose of the study is to measure Subjective Wellbeing. This will be done via a series of written psychometric tests that will be collated and then distributed for official publication. The program is being overseen by Dr. Melissa Weinberg, a research fellow and lecturer in the area of Subjective Wellbeing. She is being assisted by five Post Graduate Psychology students.

Merv Neal, CEO of Laughter Yoga Australia will conduct Laughter Yoga sessions daily to staff members for half an hour. In total there will be more than 70 sessions done in the month of July.

After only three days there have been some amazing results:

“Last night I was energized at 8pm after dinner, when normally I would have been tired”

“This morning I slept through my alarm clock. This hasn’t happened in more than thirty years”

“Last night I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in years, and raced to work energized and ready to attend the next session”

“This has been so good for me that I’m going to attend both sessions today to help alleviate the stress I’m experiencing at present”