Laughter Yoga with Seniors in Assisted Living, USA


This year, World Laughter Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 5 and it is a good reminder to take some time to de-stress by laughing. Dr. Tanya Gold, MD and also a certified Laughter Yoga instructor recently held a seminar at The Bridges Assisted Living in Riverview, USA, in which the participants learnt about therapeutic laughter and its enormous health benefits.

Dr. Gold reaffirmed the fact that Laugher Yoga is an ideal exercise routine which promotes health and wellness to people of all ages, especially for seniors as it reduces stress and has the ability to change the mood state almost instantaneously. A good hearty laughter gets rid of worry and depression as it touches the emotional core and alleviates feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Dr. Gold said that her motivation for incorporating laughter into her life started when she was personally dealing with an eye illness and laughter was the road to recovery. She realized that it was beneficial to both the brain and physical body. She explained that Laughter Yoga is like a cardio workout as it increases the supply of oxygen both to the body and brain, making one feel more energetic and relaxed. Also, by reducing stress, the immune system is strengthened, thereby helping to keep one from getting sick and heal a lot quicker. The positive energy helps one to connect with others and in turn helps others.

Laughter Yoga teaches people to laugh in difficult times and to cope with all the challenges of life. It gives the hope and optimism and the best part about laughter is that it is free and can be practiced anywhere and anytime.

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