Laughter Yoga Rocks Bangkok


It seems Bangkokians these days are as nuts about their health and are continuing to seek new ways to sweat. Among the many alternative exercises, Laughter Yoga is the best tool for body-mind wellness as one does not need any special equipment or settings to practice it. One just needs a group of people to boost the laughter dynamics and laugh their way to happiness through different laughter exercises.

According to a recently published report, free sessions of Laughter Yoga are being held at Urban Yoga Bangkok on the first and third Sundays of every month and are led by three certified instructors. The class begins with a short introduction of what Laughter Yoga is. Then everyone is asked to think of a number from one to 10 which describes how they feel at that moment, with one being very miserable and 10 being at nirvana.

Then each participant introduces themselves with laughter before the real exercises follow. Besides copying what the instructor does, there is some role-playing mixed in with these exercises such as pretending to play badminton, brushing your teeth, and making som tam.

These exercises don't sound like much of an effort but you do sweat. The best part of it, however, is that it feels more like acting in a play and not like exercise at all.

If you're kind of uptight and poker-faced, you may find yourself thinking "this is silly". But you're going to laugh anyway because when you see other grown-ups acting just as silly, laughter comes more naturally.

Most importantly, a lot of people report that their secret number does go up in the end so there seems to be body and mind benefits from laughter whether it's real or not.

For full report click here.