Laughter Yoga Restores Confidence and Self - Esteem


According to an article published in ‘Resurgence & Ecologist’ magazine, Laughter Yoga has many potentially helpful practices and to laugh away one’s own fears is one of them.

Regular practice of Laughter Yoga, which is simulated and intentional laughter, makes you focus on your laughter, which, with practice, becomes more enjoyable, easy and effective. Paulo Coelho in his book, ‘The Witch of Portobello’ says that one should just laugh and view their anxieties and insecurities with humour. Initially, it may be difficult, but gradually one gets used to it and it becomes easy to laugh at the difficulties one faces in life. This practice keeps one calm and is a great way to psychological freedom, emotional intelligence, professional effectiveness, and personal liberation.

Laughter Yoga is an effective technique for dealing with pressure and regaining one’s equilibrium. It helps you to be more mindful and stronger. You will learn to overcome your fears. As one participant at the Laughter Yoga retreat, who had gone through a lot of pain and trauma for years, and had forgotten to laugh said that Laughter Yoga proved to be miraculous in helping her to regain mental and physical health. After going through the laughter sessions, she was able to restore her lost confidence and self-esteem. Even the dosage of anti-depressants and BP medication was considerably reduced. Laughter Yoga gave her a new surge of life, and an inner strength and determination. All one needs is to do is to laugh!

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