Laughter Yoga Promotes Mental Health


It has been proved that Laughter Yoga is a great exercise routine for both body and mind. It reduces mental tension and increases energy, enabling one to stay focused. Both sides of the brain are stimulated during laughing, which help to increase clarity, creativity and problem solving ability, thereby improving performance.

Laughter Yoga has been recommended for people experiencing depression and other mental health disorders because of the mood lifting effect of laughter due to the release of endorphins. "I feel better." This is the most common answer one gets if asked how they feel when they laugh.  The reason is because there's magic in laughter. Psychologically, it builds our resilience and helps us deal better with life's challenges. It improves mental health and gives a more positive and optimistic outlook.

Another major cause for mental ill-health is loneliness. Laughter Yoga is great way to connect. It fosters feelings of sharing and caring and establishes lifelong relationships. Group activities in a Laughter Yoga club not only keep one energized and playful; they also keep the mind away from negative thoughts, thereby promoting one’s mental wellbeing.


Article & Photo Courtesy: Joe Hoare