Laughter Yoga Club Opens In Mumbai With Over 250 People


Every day new Laughter Clubs are being opened in India. On 27th January, 2010, Madhuri and I opened a new Laughter Club with more than 250 people. We got up at 4:30 am and rushed to the venue which is a Community Centre for the Aga Khan Muslim community. The introductory session lasted for about an hour. As a tradition in India, men and women usually do not mix together, so even though they stood separately, there was great energy and group dynamic among them.

After the session, the community members were so energized and excited that they wanted us to start new Laughter Clubs in 16 other Aga Khan centers in Mumbai. The same day, I started another Laughter Club on the rooftop of a building and guess what? It was an all ladies club, no man allowed!!

Ha Ha Ha.

Dr. Madan Kataria

Please click on the following link to see YouTube video