Laughter Yoga at Malaya University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I had a two full day class during the weekends for the “certified Wellness Planner” program at University Malaya campus. After half day of “anatomy and physiology”, “free radicals” and other health topics….we all needed an energizer!! …Oh Yes, Laughter Yoga!! HOHOHAHAHA

As a matter of fact, human brain cannot concentrate for more than 90 minutes after which the attention span reduces. Laughter Yoga session provides a great energy boost during long workshop sessions and conferences, even just a short session of 5-10 minutes. By flooding the brain with oxygen, raising dopamine levels, (which are crucial to concentration) and relieving stress, laughter exercise naturally jump starts the brain. It helps to increase the attention span, enhance learning skills, concentration powers and potential.

Therefore, if you've been stuck at your desk all day or feel like or feel like you’ve got a fuzzy brain, just stand up and get some laughter exercise. This simple act tells your brain its' time to be awake! HOHOHAHAHA.

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