Laughter Yoga At A Library In Geneseo, NY


Geneseo, a college in the State University of New York recently introduced a new program in the aimed at getting more people to laugh at quiet places like libraries. Kathi Fluck from Geneseo wanted to do something after she realized she wasn't laughing as much as she used to. Therefore, she organized a laughter session for the first time at the library by inviting a certified Laughter Yoga leader, who taught the participants different laughter exercises.

As one gets older one becomes more inhibited. There is lots of stress which tends to stifle laughter; people become conscious and shy away from laughing in public places. This program is to help people reconnect with laughter and its several health benefits. Laughter Yoga is one such exercise that helps to loosen up and give up inhibitions. It reduces stress almost instantaneously and makes it easy for everyone to laugh and cope with the difficulties of life with a smile and a positive mental attitude.