Laughter Yoga A Boon For Corporate Workforce


Laughter coach Phillipa Challis’s experiment of improving the wellbeing of corporate workforces in Victoria, Australia has proved to be a great success. She makes the serious and straight-laced corporate people quickly lapse into bouts of laughter. You can also laugh with her over the phone as she gives instructions to inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This finally lead one to laughter and helps to reduce all workplace stress.

She is the owner of corporate training, mentoring and development business Live Life Laughter, and uses laughter coaching in the interactive workshops and presentations to teach corporations how to improve productivity and profitability through laughter. The camaraderie that comes about instantly and the physiological benefits of laughter help generate healthier and happier workforces. In fact, she has promoted Laughter Yoga as a movement to address all manner of psychological, physical and spiritual ailments.

She has effectively used laughter coaching to provide relief and solace after disasters such as the Black Saturday bushfires and droughts in Victoria. One of her next big goals is to advance advocacy for better recognition of laughter as a valuable antidote to ill-health.

In 2015, a Deakin University study found that all dialysis nurses interviewed agreed or strongly agreed laughter had a positive impact on their patients' moods and that it was a feasible intervention worthy of recommending to patients.

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