Laughter Tourism - A New Vacation!


Now you can go on a laughter tour and laugh your stress away! Neil Davenport and Stefan Merrill Block of a premier site for news about culture, art and travel placed Laughter Clubs in India on the tourist map. In their travel around the country they explored territory that few vacationers see. Away from the usual spots, the duo visited numerous laughter clubs and experienced the most amazing phenomenon.

According to Davenport, it was an unexpected, madcap odyssey, and while on it he inadvertently discovered a new kind of vacation—laughter tourism. He says, “Laughter offers a different and stimulating way to see and experience Indian culture, a new twist on the old cliché of the Eastern journey of self-discovery—and it’s far more restorative than lying on a beach. My particular journey has resulted in my first film, a documentary called “Laughter Club”. To see trailer click here

Every morning, in every park, in every town they found hordes of laughers hopping, tickling, and dancing with a joyful abandon. In filming Laughter Yoga clubs, they realized the efficacy of the unique concept and understood the many benefits that people experienced while regularly practicing Laughter Yoga as an exercise.

Unlike the West, in India laughter clubs meet 365 days and that perhaps is the reason for its immense popularity. People keep coming back to these clubs for more as they can feel the difference from the very first session. It is a life changing experience and the easiest way to good health.

Davenport adds, “For six weeks, I toured India seeking them out. I found them everywhere—in parks, schools, factories, offices, hospitals, and in the army. I even found a laughing police force! In Rajasthan, I met Superintendent Chetan Dev, an enlightened prison governor who allowed laughter in all 17 of his prisons. One social group that has found freedom in laughter are the women of India. In a mostly conservative society, women now comprise over 60 percent of Laughter Club membership, and there are many all-female Laughter Clubs.”

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