Laughter Library Online!


Now here’s a library with a difference. Instead of being stacked with books, this library collects laughs from all over the world! All people need to do is to add their own laugh from anywhere in the world, with the help of a digital audio. It's so easy on your cell phone to just go ahead and make a recording.

The person behind this great idea is Laughter Yoga instructor Anne-Marie Rolfe.  She is putting together this new online library to help anyone who just needs a good laugh. She uses pictures of people laughing to get things going in her classes. Just listening to laughter can get release mood-enhancing endorphins according to Rolfe. Her aim is to have the whole world laughing. At present it has just 4 laughs recorded, but it already has an international feel. No matter who you are or what you do, you can benefit from a good laugh.

As Laughter Yoga is based on the theory that your body can't tell if you are laughing because you are happy or find something funny, even a forced laugh provides enormous health benefits. Therefore, "Let's grab that laughter and put it in a library,” says Rolfe.

So just pick up your phone, add your laughter and go hahahah!!!